IT'S one of the most talked about rumours in town. Go into any pub, club or shop in Lymington and everyone will tell you that there's a Hollywood star living in the town.

He has been spotted drinking in local pubs, eating in restaurants and it is rumoured that he wants to enrol his children at a local school.

He was even spotted at the perfume counter of a well-known department store.

But the big question is - where's Johnny?

Rumours that Hollywood actor Johnny Depp has taken up residence in Lymington have been floating around the Georgian town for months.

Officially, the man who made Captain Jack Sparrow a household name lives a happy life in Paris with his children and French actress Vanessa Paradis.

But reports of sightings of the Pirates of the Caribbean star in the New Forest town have become increasingly frequent.

So is there any truth in the gossip, or is it just another urban myth?

Martin Brown, a chef at popular waterside pub The Mayflower, was first to put his oar in.

"I haven't seen him myself, but rumour has it that he was spotted having a drink in the beer garden in the summer," he said.

Lymington residents Diana Jennings and Carol Jackman have also heard the gossip.

"My daughters have been talking about it," said Carol.

"They think that he is coming to Lymington - or that he might already be here. They have spent a few days now trotting up and down the roads near the marina looking for his house."

Diana added: "He's welcome to be my neighbour!"