A SOUTHAMPTON father had told how he had to take a loan to pay care bills for his severely-disabled daughter despite not receiving any care for 18 months.

For the several months David Elrick has been receiving invoices of hundreds of pounds from Southampton City Council for respite and non-residential care for his daughter.

Daily Echo:

He claims his 42-year old daughter, Jackalin, has not had any welfare visits from the council for the past 18 months.

In January, David, who is unemployed and Jackalin's full-time carer, had to take out a £500 loan in order to pay one bill which was marked “urgent” with a total of £451.

He said he paid because he was scared when he saw it. He contacted the council who told him he had to pay or the bailiffs would be in touch with him.

David, from Ullswater Road, said: “What I'm annoyed about is that they're sending me the bills and she's not having anything. It's really winding me up.

Daily Echo:

David Elrick with daughter Jackalin

“I'm getting sick and tired of having to pay bills which my daughter's not getting any care for.

“I don't know who they're paying, I don't know who the carers are.”

He said Jackalin, who suffers from learning difficulties and mobility problems has had no respite or non-residential care for months.

The 64-year old said he is “fed up” of being passed from “pillar to post” every time he calls the council to complain about the bills.

He said that when he calls the council's payment inquiries line he is directed to their invoice inquiries who direct him back to the first service.

Now Southampton Test MP Alan Whitehead has pledged to investigate Mr Elrick's claims with the city council to get to the bottom of the matter.

He said: “If Mr Elrick's daughter has not received care and he has paid for it then clearly that needs to be put right urgently.

“I would like to get to the bottom of this as quickly as possible so the situation can be resolved.”

Mark Howell, head of adult social care at Southampton City Council, said: “We are investigating the billing issues with Mr Elrick's case in more detail and will resolve them with him forthwith.”