AN elderly cyclist was killed when a woman drove across his path at a Hampshire crossroads, jurors heard.

William Logan, 70, was propelled into the air when Sophie Whitmarsh pulled out of a minor road in Curdridge and crashed straight into him, it was alleged.

The accident happened shortly after 1pm on April 28 last year when the keen cyclist was doing about 25mph down Kitnocks Hill on the A334 between Shedfield and Botley.

Prosecutor Simon Edwards told Southampton Crown Court that he had been wearing a high visibility jacket and crash helmet and visibility was good.

Whitmarsh had been waiting at the junction of Reading Road Lane intending to go across the road into Outlands Lane.

Witness Elizabeth Goddard was on the opposite side of the road, waiting to turn left. Coming in the opposite direction to Mr Logan was driver Robert Crook. Both saw the cyclist, the court was told.

Mr Logan was halfway past the Outlands Lane entrance when she collided with him.

Mr Edwards said: “She drove straight into him. He was propelled through the air and landed a few yards down the road. He tragically died at the scene. Mrs Goddard was of the view there was nothing he could have done to avoid being struck.

“He didn't cause the collision. He was riding in the correct carriageway near the verge. He would have had every reason to believe he had precedence over people coming out of Outlands Lane and Reading Room Lane.”

Mr Edwards said Whitmarsh and Mrs Goddard got out of their cars and Whitmarsh said: “I just didn't see him.”

When questioned by the police, she effectively said her focus of attention had been on Mrs Goddard.

She said she was just pulling away in second gear and had reached Outlands Road when there was an impact and looking to her right saw a man lying in the road.

Whitmarsh, of Wylye Close, West End, denies causing death by careless driving.