A SCHOOL prank left a girl needing medical treatment after her drink was spiked with acid.

The teenager drank hydrochloric acid during science lesson at a Hampshire secondary school.

She was immediately given medical treatment by quick thinking school staff and avoided suffering serious injuries as a result of ingesting the potentially deadly liquid.

An investigation has now been launched by Hounsdown School and it is understood two pupils have spoken to about what happened.

Daily Echo:

The drama unfolded at the Jacobs Gutter Lane school during a Year 11 lesson on Tuesday [April 21].

The girl raised the alarm after taking a swig from her water bottle and discovering an unusual taste and smell.

Her female teacher intervened and abandoned the lesson while the girl was sent to the school medical room, assessed and given water to drink.

A group of boys thought to have been “messing around” in the lesson were questioned.

Tests reportedly showed the bottle was contaminated with the substance but that the concentration of the acid was low.

Daily Echo:

Headteacher Julie Turvey (above) confirmed the school was investigating the incident and the students will be dealt with under school procedure.

She said: “It was reported by a member of staff at the end of the school day that an allegation with regards to a science lesson had been made involving students' inappropriate and potentially serious behaviour.”

The teenager is not thought to have needed follow-up hospital treatment or suffered any sickness.

Hampshire police are not thought to have been involved.

Hounsdown School is a specialist science college and one of 110 schools in England with teaching school status which allows them to train the teachers of the future.

In July 2011 it converted to a 'new style' academy, run by a governing body free from local authority control.

It was rated 'good' in its last Ofsted report in 2012 and last year 70 per cent of its 237 year 11 students achieved grade A* to C in English and maths.

They currently have 1215 students aged 11 to 16 on roll.

Daily Echo:

What is hydrochloric acid ?

Hydrochloric acid is a highly corrosive solution of hydrogen chloride and water.

It is clear and colourless but highly pungent.

It is widely used, including for manufacturing plastic, removing rust from steel, producing leathers, neutralising swimming pools and treating drinking and waste water.

If it contacts the skin it can cause severe burns, ulceration and scarring.