GIVE vegetarianism a try - that's the message from University of Southampton student, Alexia Weekes, who will be hosting a Southampton Free Veg-Fest today.

The event takes place at the Edmund Kell church hall, in Bellevue Road from 10am to 2pm.

Alexia Weekes, 23, who is a vegan, is urging people to give vegetarianism a try.

She said: "It's veggie month this month and we want to show that becoming a vegetarian is quite easy to do and some of the foods on offer today are very tasty.

"We don't just eat carrots and lettuce - nor are we hippies who wear tie-dye dresses.

"We are just normal people who choose not to eat meat and, in my case, not to eat dairy products and eggs.

"Becoming a vegetarian is really good for your health and we just want people to consider it."

Alexia, who became a vegan five years ago, is also a member of Students Against Animal Cruelty.

She said: "I became a vegan because of the cruelty animals have to suffer so humans can eat meat.

"There are so many meat-free products which taste very similar to meat so anyone who feels they can't give up the taste of meat should try some of the vegetarian foods available in shops, such as veggie ham, chicken, sausages and burgers."