IT WAS a chance moment that saved a man’s life - and it was all caught on camera.

Ally Law spotted a man leaning against the railings of Itchen Bridge crying and despite dozens of others walking past, the 18-year-old felt compelled to go to his rescue.

But what he didn’t realise was that his act of gallantry to save the man threatening to commit suicide was being filmed on his own camera, which he had previously been using to document his days living in the city.

Now the Good Samaritan who was horrified that so many before him failed to stop and help the man, has uploaded the video online in the hope of encouraging others to step in when someone is in need.

By the time Ally had reached the sobbing man in the centre of the bridge he had seen dozens of people walk past the man and couldn’t believe no body had stopped to help.

He said: “It was just horrible no body stopped and thought to ask if he was okay. If a person is sobbing looking over a bridge railing I would say it’s common sense to ask if they are alright, I just couldn’t believe people were ignoring him.”

Daily Echo: Itchen Bridge.

Ally, who forgot to turn off his camera and filmed his conversation with the man, asked him if he was getting ready to jump, to which he replied yes and that jumping was the only way he would get some sleep.

“It was really hard to hear someone so distressed, he honestly felt like he had nothing. He was adamant that he was alone and had nothing to live for”, said Ally, who begged him not to jump.

He added: “He said he was 47 and homeless . I just tried to keep him talking and eventually just begged him not to jump and told him it wasn’t the way out.”

At that point the man started to get angry with Ally for staying and told him he wouldn’t jump while he stayed with him and shouted at him to leave.

Ally said: “I ended up texting my mum to call the police because I didn’t want him to see that I was phoning them.”

Police arrived at the scene just after 12.30am on Thursday morning and Hampshire Constabulary confirmed they received a call about a concern for welfare.

Ally, a carpentry apprentice, added: “He got really angry when the police turned up but I just couldn’t leave him, I had to get him help. The police thanked me for letting them know.

“It was a really difficult thing to see, I’m very lucky with a house, family and friends but this man said he had nothing and was so low, I still can’t believe no body thought to stop and help.”

It was tough decision for Ally to upload the video but he hopes people will watch it and think twice before walking past someone in distress.

He said: “It was a tricky decision to upload the video because obviously people would find it distressing but I just thought, if people watch this video it could maybe save one life.”