A GARDENING celebrity has created her very own toxic haven to warn pet owners across Hampshire of the dangers of certain household plants.

TV presenter Charlie Dimmock created the Poisonous Pawtanical Garden to highlight all the different shrubs, flowers and weeds that could kill a pet.

She has designed the garden in partnership with insurance company MORE TH>N after they revealed one in three pet owners in the south have admitted they had no idea if the plants and flowers in their garden were toxic to their cat or dog.

Now the gardening team are calling on plant producers to provide clearer labelling on the toxicity of plants for cats and dogs.

The garden was based in London and attracted hundreds of visitors to find out what plants were poisonous and Charlie is now asking Hampshire owners to take a look at their gardens.

She described her Pawtanical Garden as a death trap as it housed more than 30 varieties of plants which could seriously harm a cat or dog.

She said: “It isn’t about telling pet owners to go around uprooting their flower beds - it’s a way to help them make more informed choices when they design their gardens or buy new plants for their home as well as being more aware of the garden plants they already have."

Phil Wilson-Brown from MORE TH>N Insurance added: “The garden allows us to raise awareness of the dangers of plants that are poisonous to cats and dogs in an imaginative and memorable way.

"However, our new campaign is also about taking direct and immediate action - by both urging suppliers and retailers of garden plants and flowers to provide clear ‘pet safe’ labelling, while also better educating pet owners on the issue.

“Through this campaign we’ll be arming pet owners with the practical advice and information they need to identify safe and dangerous plants, to recognise the symptoms of poisoning – and what to do in that eventuality – and above all to reduce the likelihood of their beloved pets becoming ill in the first place.”

Plants that are extremely toxic include: Asparagus, Begonia, Calla Lily, Chrysanthemum, Daisy, Fern, Foxgloves, Geranium, Hydrangea, Marigold, Papaver Poppy, Tomato plant, Verbena and Wisteria.