RESIDENTS expressed mixed feelings on developers’ plans for housing on the site of a Hampshire hospital.

A public exhibition has outlined a proposal to build 122 homes on part of the Moorgreen Hospital site in West End.

And though some accepted housing was needed and even welcomed action on the derelict brownfield spot, other residents feared the impact on local infrastructure and health services.

The site hit the headlines a fortnight ago after it emerged that young people, according to police, were trespassing and using a derelict hospital building for organised fights and drinking.

Plans, put forward by Barratt Homes in partnership with landowners the Homes and Communities Agency, for the land off Botley Road, which currently comprises unused NHS facilities, developed, include 43 affordable homes.

Of 40 apartments, 19 of them would be in the renovated former workhouse, which would be preserved as it is locally listed as will two gatehouses.

Remaining homes would be a mixture of two, three and four bedroom houses.

A planning application to Eastleigh Borough Council is expected next month.

Simon Lebesque, a GP at nearby West End Surgery, said: “It’s nice to see something happening with the site because the plans have been on hold for several years.

“The site is a mess at the moment and it will be an improvement.”

He said the surgery was expanding to cater for extra residents, but other facilities could suffer with locals schools already full.

Maureen Wheeler, 74, of West End, said: “Obviously it’s too many properties because the traffic’s going to be horrendous.”

A 67-year-old woman from West End said she was happy the historic buildings were kept, adding: “I’m happy to have the land used for residential purposes rather than a greenfield site.

“I’d rather have it there than anywhere else.”

Some visitors to the West End Parish Centre exhibition told of their fears for the future of hospital services.

One in his 80s said along with demands on infrastructure he was concerned development on this part of the hospital site could open the door to further development on the rest.

As previously reported, council cabinet members agreed a vision for potential future development it would deem acceptable at Moorgreen.

This would involve moving current medical facilities to another part of the site clearing the way for up to 230 homes, but this has caused concern about future services.

Some residents have set up a petition to try to preserve and extend hospital services.

Eastleigh MP Mims Davies, who visited the exhibition, said she shared that concern and would contact Barratt Homes about its discussions with the NHS.

However, a spokeswoman for West Hampshire Clinical Commissioning Group said there were no plans at the moment to sell the rest of the NHS-owned site for housing or relocate buildings and that it was actually looking at increasing services.

Barratt Homes said residents’ views would be taken into account to shape the proposals.