A NEW little primate is certain to get children excited during the summer holidays as it tries to find its feet.

The critically endangered Sulawesi-crested macaque was born on July 28 to mum Drusilla and dad Douglas – the first to be born at Marwell Zoo for 10 years.

In the wild they live in tropical rainforests and mangrove swamp areas in the northern peninsula of the Indonesian island.

But they face many threats in the wild, one of which is over hunting for food as they are considered a delicacy in areas of Sulawesi.

Claire Mound, team leader for primates and small mammals said: “We expect the baby will spend the first four months close to Drusilla whilst it gains strength, develops and finds its feet.

“Other members of the group may eventually also take a part in the rearing but at the moment Drusilla wants to keep a tight hold of her new arrival.”

When first born, the infants have a pink face, hands and legs which will darken over time eventually becoming black.

They are noted for their punk rocker-style crest of hair which forms as the baby matures.

It is the latest addition to the European Endangered Species Breeding Programme, which conserves the species and avoid extinction.

Earlier this year the zoo welcomed meekat pups, who were born to parents Macbeth and Choggy.

They are Madagascar’s largest carnivore, classified as vulnerable on the International Union for Conservation of Nature Red List of Threatened Species and it is thought there are fewer than 2,500 of them on the island.