ALMOST a third of Saints fans would pass up a romantic night with their partner in favour of watching the footy, a survey has revealed.

And 22 per cent of Southampton supporters have lied to their other half in some form so they could catch a game, according to the research by

But Saints fall behind their south coast neighbours Bournemouth in terms of Premier League fans who are the biggest fibbers – with 41 per cent of Cherries supporters willing to lie to their partners if it meant watching their team in action.

And a huge 69 per cent of Bournemouth fans would turn down sex if it meant missing the match.

A spokesman for said: “We are a nation of football lovers and fans at some clubs are prepared to do whatever it takes to catch even the highlights of their team’s game on the box.

“If that means lying to their wife or husband or even turning down the offer of some fun in the bedroom, then so be it.”