A GROUP of homeless people have set up camp in an historic Southampton monument.

Using cardboard boxes and tarpaulin they have turned part of Southampton’s medieval walls into their home.

Jen and Gabriel – who refused to give their full names – have sought shelter in the arches next to Castle Way car park and have been there for the past three or four months.

They say they have no where else to go and have been living rough on the city’s streets for months.

using discarded children’s toys as their decorations.

Jen, who is 57 years old, said she has been living on the streets since she lost her antiques business in a burglary while Gabriel is recovering from a head injury he sustained a few months ago.

Since they set up home there a number of other people have taken refuge at the site, turning it into as mini-camp.

She said she would “rather be off the street” but had no choice and fears getting attacked at night and moving from their pitch during the day in case they come back to find their stuff gone.

“I lost my stock and I was completely wiped. I have been struggling for the last couple of years. I was sofa surfing until I received a text saying that I couldn’t stay at my friends house,” she said.

She has only been on the streets for a few months but added: “I’m getting too old for this.”

Some passersby have been giving them hot drinks and they have been relying on Southampton churches and homeless charity Two Saints to provide food and showers.

However, others have complained about the camp,describing it as a "disgusting mess" and have called on the council to intervene.

Southampton taxi driver, Chris Walker, said as many as seven people have been congregating there.

He has said they have turned the site into a “disgusting” mess with as many as seven people loitering next to the car park.

He said: “They’re even hanging they’re washing up on the wall.

"The council don’t seem to be interested. They’re out there doing it in the open. It’s getting ridiculous.”

“I just don’t think it looks good for Southampton at all.”

He added that he had seen them getting Indian food takeaway meals delivered and said that some of those who are homeless are asking car park patrons money as they are getting out of their cars.

A spokesman from Southampton City Council said the authority is working to get them the help they need.

He said: “Southampton City Council is committed to working with our partners to enable rough sleepers to access services that meet their complex needs.

“When our street homeless prevention team, who undertake regular early morning outreach activities in the city, are unable to offer assistance, we work with other statutory agencies such as the police to ensure that levels of rough sleeping are kept to a minimum.”