THE family of a Hampshire fitness instructor who took her own life say medics “signed her death warrant” when they told her the “bombshell” news she had a personality disorder, an inquest heard.

Popular yoga teacher Cori Withell, 39, was found hanged on play equipment near Bodmin Road in Bishopstoke in May having been given the diagnosis, which left her devastated, just months earlier.

Now a coroner has ruled that mental health experts failed to think of the 39-year-old’s future when they delivered the news to her and said he would be writing to them with his concerns.

The hospital trust has also launched a review into the care they delivered to Cori, but it refused to make further comment about the case.

The inquest in Winchester heard how Cori, who had a history of depression, was told she had a borderline personality disorder months before her death.

Giving evidence, her brother Julian Cooper said that more should have been done by health services and said the diagnosis and a car crash she was involved in were ‘trigger points’ which led to her death.

Before her death Cori was living in the Oxfordshire area with her partner but had returned to Hampshire to stay with a friend after the relationship broke down.

She had been forced to give up the fitness work she did due to the injuries she had sustained in the crash, the hearing was told.

Mr Cooper said: “I believe the conversation when she was told she had BPD signed her death warrant.

“ I think the thing that came out from it was she was told it would take two years to sort her life out.

“That with her condition.... just sending her emails or text messages are missed opportunities. I think someone should have phoned her up.

“I feel with her past history that the system has let her down.”

The inquest heard that Miss Withell had a history of depression.

Her death on May 22, prompted a huge response with people from across the world flooding social media to pay their respects to Miss Withell, who used to run CW Fitness. She also worked as a life coach and counsellor.

Miss Withell who grew up in Winchester had previously lived in Eastleigh and Southampton was living in Oxfordshire with her partner until shortly before she died.

The inquest heard a report from GP Dr John Uden explaining she had a history of depression, a difficult childhood and had self harmed.

He told how Miss Withell used her fitness training and exercise to help manage her mood, and it was also her main income. However, she had to give up her career when she suffered injuries in the crash two years ago.

The inquest also heard a report from her psychiatric nurse Gail Elliot, who said Miss Withell suffered mood swings and alcohol abuse.

Following the diagnosis of borderline personality disorder Miss Withell was given website details about the condition and told to attend appointments but failed to do so, Miss Elliot said.

Giving evidence, friend Kathryn Eustace, who Miss Withell stayed with before her death, said she had spoken of suicide but she had appeared calmer and was looking to get her life back on track.

Close friend Karen Hayes told the hearing that Miss Withell had been badly affected when she was told she had BPD. Miss Withell told her she felt she was “living a lie” following her diagnosis.

Recording a verdict of suicide, Coroner Grahame Short said there were lessons to be learnt.

Mr Short said: “It is clear Corinne hanged herself and it was a deliberate act and she knew what she was doing.

“It is my intention to write to mental health services in Oxfordshire about the fact no-one had thought through the future for Cori after she was given that bombshell information about BPD before she died.”

A statement from the trust said: “Our thoughts and deepest sympathies go to the family of Miss Withell over her sad death.

“The trust is currently reviewing the circumstances around this case and is not in a position to comment on matters further at this time.

“However, we will respond to any questions the coroner should raise with us.”