TWO of Southampton's leading property consultants have successfully completed the London Marathon. Only 42 seconds separated their finishing times.

Michael Green partner in charge of King Sturge's Southampton office and Humbert's director Andrew Archibald both finished the 26-mile race in the respectable time of just over four-hours despite the 23C heat.

The pair also managed to raise more than £9,000 for their respective charities, the Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust and Leonard Cheshire, who care for disabled people.

Both have each done marathons before, said the conditions on the day were tough with roadside medics treating more than 5,000 people.

Michael, said: "Runners began dropping like flies over the last five miles. It took every bit of concentration to keep going."

Andrew, added: "I ran past a number of distinctly ill looking bodies slumped on the side of the road being tended by medics and I chose not to be one of them."

The pair have known each other for many years, and in addition to their running exploits also share an interest in sailing.

They were also urged on by incentives from business partners who offered to give them more if they beat each other.

Andrew said: "Michael and I kept in touch over the winter training months, but there was definitely an added touch of competition on the day knowing we were both running.

"Some of our clients even incentivised their sponsorship to add a bit more sport to the occasion."