WITH the return of Southampton Boat Show today, the Daily Echo reveals 10 facts you never knew about the week-long event.

1. The Southampton Boat Show features a purpose built marina with over 2km of pontoons.

2. It is Europe’s largest outdoor Boat Show.

3. The 2005 event featured a makeshift beach, with tonnes of sand being imported to the Show to create the feature.

4. At Southampton Boat Show 2014 year a 30 metre high big wheel was installed – something that had never been done before.

5. The first Southampton Boat Show took place in 1969 and is held annually in September.

6. The purpose built marina takes ten weeks to construct and starts getting built in July.

7. The 2014 Show was the 46th event and saw more than 600 exhibitors displaying their products.

8. You can buy anything from a canoe/kayak or stand up paddleboard for around £300... through to a multi million pound luxury yacht at the Show.

9. Last year saw hundreds of boats on display, including 330 boats on the water.

10. 2,340 pints pulled in The Uphams Punter Bar during the 2014 Southampton Boat Show.