MYSTERY surrounds how a Dalek came to be in a tree in a historic Hampshire estate.

Residents near living near Winchester have taken pictures of the ‘lost’ Dalek which is half way up a tree in Northington Grange in Alresford.

The historic estate hosts the popular Grange Park Opera Festival, and the landowner is the Baring family – who say that the Dalek was a prop from a previous production.

Mark Baring said: “The Dalek comes from earlier production at the Grange - I think it might be Bluebeard - and someone decided to put it up to amuse the festival goers which I rather liked , even if it does look a bit out of place in an 18th century landscape.”

The Dalek’s appearance at the estate comes just days before the ninth series kicks off on Saturday, with Peter Capaldi returning for his second series playing the famous Timelord.

The ninth series first episode entitled The Magician's Apprentice will be aired on BBC One at 7.40pm.