IT hasn't been seen since 1982 and it won't reappear until 2033 - but for one night only the super blood moon was visible over Hampshire.

The rare phenomenon is a combination of a total lunar eclipse and a supermoon and NASA is hoping the unusual occurence will spark an interest in astronomy.

It created an atmosphere of wonder and fear across the world and for amateur astronomers it will be a chance to capture the spectacular celestial event early on Monday morning.

Leading amateur astronomer Robin Scagell said: "From a UK point of view, it's happening at a most unsuitable time, but I would say it's definitely worth setting the alarm for to look out and see this red moon hanging over the tree tops.

"It's quite an unusual sight, and the weather forecast is good.

"It'll be even prettier seen through a pair of binoculars. You will see the colour when the moon is fully in shadow.

"It will probably be a deep red - how dark depends on the atmospheric conditions at the time."

Seen from the UK, the eclipse began at 1:10am with the "total" phase - when the moon is completely in shadow - lasting from 3:11am to 4:24am.

It ended when the moon left the Earth's shadow at 6:24am.

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