A FAMILY say they were “disgusted” when they found a man defecating at a Southampton cemetery when they visited the graves of loved ones.

Teenager Millie Ings and two family members were stunned to find the man with his trousers around his ankles at St Mary Extra Cemetery in Butts Road (Oct 4).

The 15-year-old then reported the incident to police.

Last night officers said they had launched an investigation.

The police inquiry comes as community leaders urged them to take action against the man.

Wildern School student Millie was visiting the cemetery, where several members of her family including grandfather Nelson Scott are buried, with her aunt and grandmother.

However as they left the cemetery they spotted the man with his trousers around his ankles, defecating in a hedgerow at the cemetery.

Intending to report him to the police, she took pictures on her phone, at which point she says he swore at her.

Millie, from Hedge End, said: “For a man to go to the toilet where people are buried is disgusting.

“I was absolutely disgusted to think that someone could actually do something like that.

“He might have problems but there is no excuse for what he has done, especially when there is a toilet two minutes’ away.”

Her mum, Sarah Ings, 39, said: “It’s vile.

“I don’t know what they can do but something should be done - if somebody drops litter they can be fined and this is just disgusting, there needs to be a form of punishment for it.”

The constituency’s MP, Royston Smith, has called on the police to take action against the man.

He said: “I am pleased the police are looking into this.

“It is completely unacceptable behaviour and it cannot be tolerated.

“I can only imagine how distressing it was for those that had to witness it.”

Dan Jeffery, pictured, one of the area’s councillors and the city council’s education czar, said: “This disgusting individual needs to answer for himself.

“If he’s identifiable, then the police need to investigate.

“Residents need to have confidence that they can go and grieve in peace without someone using their cemetery as a toilet.”

A police spokesman urged anyone with information to call the force on 101.