A Saints fan was left speechless after being unable to see his side's clash with Liverpool.

James Trinder, 38 from Romsey, made the trip to Anfield with eight friends and paid upwards of £75 for the ticket and travel.

However, the life-long Saints fan was gobsmacked when he couldn't even see the pitch. He said: "I have been to quite a few away games and this is, undoubtedly, the worst I have ever been to.

"After about 10 minutes of trying to see the game, I decided to leave and try to find a pub to watch it.

"Luckily, I saw some empty seats near the exit and jumped into one of those, so I was still able to watch the game. I know it is naughty to do that, but I paid to watch it, so I wasn't going to let the free seats go begging.

Daily Echo: James Trinder

"If the club continues to sell this ticket, they should be a fraction of the price, because that ticket isn't worth £10 let alone £45."

James, who is a national sales manager, added that the ‘restricted view’ seats where the first to go on sale, and when the second batch of normal view seats were released, Liverpool refused to exchange the tickets.

The Daily Echo contacted Liverpool FC, who were unable to comment.

Daily Echo:

Saints earned a 1-1 draw at Anfield on Sunday afternoon, with Sadio Mane getting a late goal to seal a point during the Premier League match.

Last season, another Saints fan vented his anger after paying £38 for a seat at QPR which left him able to see only one penalty area.