SOUTHAMPTON has recently been revealed as one of the best places to live and work in the UK - so what are some of the things that make it a good place to be?

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Living in Southampton can make it easy to take for granted what we have, so here are some of the things which make it a great place to live and work.

1. Parks and Common

Daily Echo: Southampton Common

Vast swathes of the city have a distinct green hue about them - the Common alone is 326 acres of woodland and open spaces at the heart of Southampton, including its own wildlife centre. Include other places such as Outdoor Sports Centre, city centre parks, Riverside Park, Weston Shore and over 40 others, you're never far from a pleasant green space in the city.

2. History & Heritage

Daily Echo: The Bargate in SouthamptonSouthampton Bargate

There's so much history in the city, it's easy to get lost and find yourself in any one of a number of periods in British history. The medieval town walls, the Norman-era St Michael's Church, Tudor House, Mayflower monument, give just a taste of what Southampton was like in previous centuries. The city could do a lot more in highlighting it's history - for example, did you know over three million troops moved through Southampton during the Second World War? That's more than Portsmouth, which is home to the D-Day Museum. It takes a little effort to see what history there is in Southampton, but it's worth it.

3. Cruise ships

Daily Echo: Three Queens pictured in Southampton this morning to celebrate QM2's 10th anniversaryThe Cunard Queens together in Southampton

Many Sotonians are rather blasé about the giant vessels that sail in and out of the docks on a daily basis - but these are big news whenever they arrive in most cities around the world. Head down to Mayflower Park, Weston Shore or over on the Waterside and catch a glimpse of them sailing up Southampton Water.

4. Universities

Daily Echo: Exterior of Southampton UniversityPart of the University of Southampton

For all the moaning some locals do about students, Southampton would be a much poorer place without them - quite literally. The universities bring in huge amounts of people and money to the city and having two large third level education facilities in Southampton means a large, educated workforce. Some of the research carried out at the University of Southampton is peerless and takes the city's name around the world, and the two institutions play a vital role in attracting businesses to the city - and thus creating jobs for everyone.

5. Music & Theatre

Daily Echo: The Mayflower Theatre on Commercial Road

The Mayflower Theatre is one of the primary venues in the country, attracting big West End productions to Southampton as soon as they leave London. As well as that, we also have a smaller Nuffield to sample smaller shows. In terms of music, the O2 Guildhall attracts big names and smaller venues like The Joiners, 1865 and The Brook are known around the country and regularly play host to surprisingly big acts - or the next big thing. Whilst there's no big arena in the city, the BIC and various giant London venues aren't that far away.

6. Saints

Daily Echo: Shane LongIrish striker Shane Long celebrating a win for Southampton FC

It may be an obvious one, but whether or not you're into football, there's no denying the huge importance the role of the Saints in Southampton. What else in the city attracts over 30,000 people - around 13 per cent of the city's population - on a regular basis? Millions of people around the world watch the team play in the Premier League on TV, from Kuala Lumpur to California, and their recent successes and attractive brand of football will only increase their reach - and the feel-good factor they can give the city is unparalleled.

7. Nightlife

Daily Echo: CHEERS: From left,Trevor and Jenny Moore with Dancing Man Brewery’s Stewart Cross trying the new tipple. Echo picture by Chris Moorhouse. Order no: 18377691Staff at the Dancing Man Brewery (Wool House) on Town Quay.

For all the stories of pubs and clubs closing down, it's easy to forget there are a lot of good ones that still remain - and even some new ones making an impact. From award winners like the South Western Arms and Guide Dog, quirky new upstarts like the Butcher's Hook and Dancing Man Brewery, to places full of history like the Red Lion and The Grapes, Southampton still has an impressive pub scene, with many more tucked away from the city centre. If you want something more lively, Bedford Place, Bevois Valley and Oxford Street all offer something different and more and more restaurants keep opening, increasing the culinary range on offer to Sotonians on a regular basis.

8. Museums and Art Gallery

Daily Echo: Tudor HouseTudor House in Bugle Street

Tudor House, Solent Sky, and SeaCity are all fine museums in the city centre, and are complemented by other attractions such as the Merchant's House, SS Shieldhall and the Old Town tours. The art gallery, at the Civic Centre, has one of the biggest collections of art in the country and is free to get into - and the Arts Quarter is due to open imminently. Further afield, places such as Bursledon Brickworks, Manor Farm and Eling Tide Mill also offer much, just on the outskirts of Southampton.

9. The Water

Daily Echo: Mandy Jarvis and her children, l to r, Harley, 9, Toby, 6 and Amelia May, 7, enjoy their picnic. Hottest day of the year so far, Weston shore                  Wednesday 15th April 2015 (29532759)A family on Weston Shore

Okay, despite being a city on the coast, Southampton doesn't always feel like it's got much of a waterfront - but that doesn't mean there isn't plenty of stuff to do on Southampton Water and the Solent. It's one of the premier sailing locations in Europe, as well as having plenty of other watersports available. Pleasure cruises or even just a simple ferry ride are available for people who would prefer a slower pace, or perhaps a stroll along the promenades at Mayflower and Riverside Parks or skipping stones along Weston Shore are more your type of thing?

10. Location

Daily Echo: Southampton as seen from the International Space Station. Photograph by Commander Chris HadfieldCmdr Chris Hadfield's photo of Southampton from the ISS

You might think this is a bit of a cop out, but let me explain. Right on your doorstep, you've got the New Forest, South Downs, Winchester, Bournemouth and even Portsmouth. All of them have their appeals and have things Southampton doesn't - but we're in the middle of them, as well as having things they don't. Just over an hour away is London, one of the most vibrant cities in the world and we have an international airport that can get you to virtually any country in Europe within a few hours - just a few minutes from your home.

No-one is saying Southampton is perfect - if you've sat through a few cycles of the traffic lights on West Quay Road you'll know that only too well - but it's home, and you know what? It's quite a good place to be.