SHE’S done it!

Alice Burch has run 60 marathons and 60 days – and is now a world record holder.

The 34-year-old from Woodlands has been on a mammoth challenge to run 1,572 miles over the past two months.

Now it’s finally over for the single mum, who had taken the time out of work to complete her mission and raise money for working animal charity SPANA.

Shortly after crossing over the finish line she told the Daily Echo: “I’m feeling really good. Today has been a great day I’ve had loads of support and I’ve felt strong the whole way through it’s been brilliant. I don’t think it’s going to sink in for a while that I’ve actually done it but I’m looking forward to a rest tonight.”

Alice smashed the world record for consecutive marathons - the previous record for a women was 17 and 52 for a man.

Alice, who runs her own marine recruitment firm Seamariner, was inspired to raise money for the charity after her close friend from school Daniel Robin died in a motorbike accident last year.

Daniel was a big supporter of the charity and she wanted to honour his memory.

She added: “I’ve had a few of my oldest friends here today and when it was about three or four miles to go I started to feel quite teary thinking about why I did this in the first place. I’m really proud of this and I’ve got some exciting new adventures to come in the next month but I definitely won’t stop running.”

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Alice has used her Garmin GPS to record all her runs and is submitting the data and supporting evidence to Guinness, in the hope of having her world record ratified.

Daily Echo:

Her final marathon was completed at Southampton Sports Centre at 3.30pm, in difficult conditions rain and strong winds.

The final challenge took her four hours and 32 minutes - almost 50 per cent longer than her personal best of three hours.