A DAREDEVIL videoed himself climbing up a 14-storey-tall Southampton tower block - without any safety gear.

The video shows 18-year-old Ally Law from Southampton scaling Dumbleton Towers in Thornhill, using precarious metal bars on the side of the building to reach the top.

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Mr Law’s clip, which is just under four minutes long, shows him with no safety equipment or harness sitting atop the building with his legs dangling over the edge of the structure.

But climbing to the top of the tower block is not enough for the daredevil who then proceeds to clamber up a tall metal frame at the top of the building.

Once on top he then surveys the city far below him and even lets go of the thin metal frame, as he takes a video of himself using a selfie stick.

But he said he felt no nerves at all as he scaled the huge tower block and instead felt fine.

Daily Echo: Ally Law on the roof of Duke's Keep in Southampton.

Mr Law has become known for filming himself climbing buildings around Southampton and uploading them to Facebook and YouTube.

On his website Mr Law said: "As a kid I was always adventurous but when I was 13 I got seriously addicted too an online game which spiralled my life into a vicious circle and left me in a really weird place.

"I weighed 15 stone at the age of 15, I was extremely unhappy sat in my bedroom wasting away day after day, I had quit school and had no friends but the worst of all had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do with my life.

"When I was 16 I found Parkour/Freerunning and it's just completely changed everything.

"Although my main reasons for training is simply because I enjoy it, for me it goes so much deeper than just jumping off walls.

"It’s allowed me to meet some unbelievable people, have so many crazy experiences, learn and grow as a person, see some really awesome things/Places and Best of all It has helped open my eye's to the world we live in which has made me want to live my life to the fullest."

When asked how he got into climbing such large buildings Mr Law, 18, from Sholing said: “It’s an ongoing progress really, people see this and are quick to jump to conclusions.

“Nobody sees the behind the scenes, I started small, got to know my body and limits and gradually worked my way up.”

Southampton City Councillor Mary Lloyd, whose Bitterne ward the tower falls into, said: “Obviously we are very concerned if residents are doing this because they are putting their lives at risk and we want to dissuade people from doing this.”

Mr Law is the second person to record high profile videos of themself climbing tall buildings in Southampton.

Former Romsey-schoolboy James Kingston has posted numerous videos of himself clambering over structures in the city, including one where he dangled from a crane at Ocean Village, while holding on with just one hand.

He has since travelled around the world to climb buildings, and was arrested by police in Paris for attempting a stunt at the Eiffel Tower, and has been warned by Hampshire Constabulary over tresspassing.

Mr Law added: “I’ve had run ins with the police a few times, I understand that sometimes the police are going to get called.

“I always make sure I find them and explain to them what I am doing and in most cases the police are really understanding.

"Well, about as understanding as they can be.”

Mr Law had previously made headlines when he stopped a man from jumping off of the Itchen Bridge earlier this year.

He had been filming himself when he saw the man on the edge of the bridge and accidentally forgot to stop filming, recording the conversation he had with the man.

Southampton City Councillor John Jordan said: “I am very concerned because on the one hand he is a very decent guy and on the other hand he is putting himself at risk.

“That scaffolding makes the tower scalable were as before it would have been a sheer tower.

“He could have easily fallen to his death – he may not be the best freerunner so when he is scaling a tower where one mistake is inevitable death, it makes me very concerned.”

Leader of Southampton City Council, Simon Letts, also a councillor for the Bitterne ward, said: “These people must be mad, why would one put their life at risk for adrenaline?

“Sooner or later someone is going to fall from one of these high places and I would urges people who are thinking of doing it not to do it.

“It is a tragedy waiting to happen and someone’s mother is not going to have a son at Christmas.

“I will see if there is any additional security measures that need to be put in place but if someone really wants to climb it there is very little you can do about it.”