A SUPER RICH teenager wrote off a £54k BMW - but he's not worried as his own car is a £130k Bentley.

Rob Mfune, who has amassed a fortune at the age of just 18, lost control of the BMW M3 4.0 Monte Carlo Edition he was driving down Glenwood Avenue in Bassett on Thursday night.

But the car does not belong to Mr Mfune - it was in fact a courtesy car he was given while his £130,000 Bentley Continental GT is in a London garage being wrapped in gold.

Rob, who was born in South Africa but has lived in Southampton since he was eight, said he lost control of the saloon car just seconds after starting his journey.

Mr Mfune, who says he has properties all over the world and estimates his net-worth is in seven figures, said: "I was just leaving my friend's house going home and my car skidded and hit a wall then hit a tree and span 180 degrees.

Daily Echo: Robert Mfune crashed his BMW courtesy car while his Bentley was away being 'wrapped'.                Pic: Chris Moorhouse.                Friday 18th December 2015. (50143064)

"I was about 500 yards from where I had left my friend's house and because it is a sports car it had no traction.

"I hit someone's fence and then I hit the tree which stopped me from going into someone's house.

"These things happen. As long as you are not dead, everything goes back to normal and you have to keep going"

Hampshire police said they were called out to the incident at 8.42pm and called an ambulance for the driver.

The young entrepreneur is not worried about the cost of the wrecked car or the fence, which he says he will compensate the owners for directly.

Two years ago the teen had been working at the McDonald's in Hedge End and says he is now a business owner with a company that turns over millions of pounds a year.

Rob said: "When I was 15 or 16 I started trading after I saw an advert about it - most people would skip them but I was interested so I clicked on it.

"I used to work in McDonald's and I deposited the money I made into a trading account and I blew that money.

"But now two years on I am more experienced."

Since his humble beginnings, Mr Mfune went on to start his own company which teaches people how to get started in the world of trading stocks and shares.

Mr Mfune said: "I can afford a lot of stuff now that I couldn't afford before - before I couldn't afford a PS4 but now I can buy one and buy some for my friends.

"The greatest feeling is to help people - it feels good to go up to my mum with 20 bags of shopping for her.

"I have to maintain this level of success for the next 40 years and anything can happen, when you get successful at a young age there is a lot of pressure because you have to maintain it so my advice to people would be to take your time, don't rush.

"But there is more to come - I'm not stopping."