CRIMINAL gangs running cannabis factories across Hampshire are using booby-trapped windows and doors to keep people away from their premises, police have revealed.

Drug dealers wire up the mains electricity to the doors and windows to keep rival gangs out and to protect their cannabis plants from being seized.

Two cannabis factories uncovered at properties in Southampton during the past few weeks have found to be booby-trapped.

Now police are urging landlords to be extra cautious when visiting or conducting checks at their properties.

Their warning to landlords comes after many of the 87 cannabis factories which have been uncovered across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight during the last 12 months were found to be rented out.

"This is a very sinister development and we need to make sure that people are aware of the potential danger they can face," said Det Sgt Andy Waite, Hampshire Constabulary drugs intelligence manager.

"A vast majority of the cannabis factories we discover are sited within rented properties, which is why we are targeting this warning at landlords.

"We feel it is important to get a warning out now to prevent anyone from getting hurt.