IMAGES of tigers mauling to death and then eating a cow in a cruel show for tourists in China have shocked animal welfare campaigners across the world.

Busloads of enthusiastic tourists look on as keepers throw live chickens and release livestock into a ring for hungry big cats to feed on.

Today animal rights campaigners in Hampshire have echoed the call for an end to the grisly practice and are urging more people to join their campaign to end animal cruelty in China.

Southampton-based David Neale, the director of Animals Asia Foundation, said: "It is completely abhorrent.

"We would call for it to be made illegal, the feeding of these animals to big cats is completely inhumane."

To raise awareness and funds for their campaign more than 30 members of the Animals Asia Foundation took part in a sponsored walk at Southampton Sports Centre.

The event, which also included fairground attractions and was attended by more than 100 people, raised £2,000 which will also go towards helping the plight of bears in the Far East.

They are left in tiny cages where they are drained of bile from their stomachs every day for use in Chinese medicines.

Mr Neale added: "There is no animal rights legislation in China but we want the Chinese Government to put a stop to it."