HE’S been a photographer to the rich and famous in a career that spanned more than 45 years.

From Liz Taylor, Ronnie Corbett and Richard Branson to the Royal Family, Ernie Mitchell from Hurstbourne Tarrant, near Andover, has now shared an exclusive snap he took at the first wedding of the late pop singer David and Angie Bowie.

Mr Mitchell, 71, was one of just two photographers at the up and coming singer’s low-key wedding at Bromley Register Office on March 19, 1970, and has chosen to share his never seen before pictures in the light of the pop star’s death from cancer this week.

“I was one of only five people there,” said Ernie. “It was just those two, his mother, myself and another photographer. At one point I was going to be called as a witness, but I think they possibly used a secretary.

“It’s a shame I didn’t take more pictures, he was very relaxed and happily talked to us.

Daily Echo: Ernie Mitchell

“He was very fashionable, nothing like a pop rebel, he was very polite.

“I have never to this day photographed a bridegroom like that."

“To be honest at the time I wasn’t really into his music, but after meeting him I followed his career and got his albums.

“I only knew of him because he lived nearby and he had recently released Space Odyssey.”

There was no honeymoon for the couple because David was going into the recording studio that weekend.

The pop world went into shock this week when the 69-year-old singer died, songwriter’s death was announced.

His then wife Angela Bowie, to whom he was married until 1980, is currently in Channel 5’s Celebrity Big Brother.

She was given the news of her late ex-husband’s death in the house’s Diary Room, but opted to stay on the show.

Daily Echo:

Ernie added: “I was quite shocked, I didn’t believe it.

“I knew he had a new album out, I didn’t even know he was ill.

“I didn’t think these pictures would ever be seen, but after this week’s news I thought I would share them.”

By Joe Faretra