IT DOES not take a great leap of logic to realise that if Hampshire County Council chooses to close some of its household waste recycling centres that incidents of fly tipping are likely to increase.

And should the authority decide that it will push ahead with fees for using the remaining centres, the level of illegal tipping is likely to rise in accordance with the size of the charges imposed.

We must understand then that even for the council to consider such measures it must be struggling to find ways to fill the hole in its budget as cutbacks bite.

Councillors will be aware, however, that along with refuse collection, public waste tips available for all residents who already pay substantial council tax costs are considered a right.

Closing down some sites and forcing residents to travel further will cause concern.

Charging for their use will raise more than eyebrows.

If local authorities, Hampshire and others, wish to win the battle to increase recycling levels and deter fly tipping they will have to be careful what messages they send when considering cuts in waste services as a whole.