ONE of Southampton's weirdest flats was seen by millions on a television programme last night.

Adrian Reeman, turned his eleventh-floor flat in Oslo Towers in Weston, into a replica of the Queen Mary cruise ship.

Mr Reeman, 65, a former chef in the Merchant Navy, spent 23 years transforming his flat, although he says he only meant to decorate one room but got carried away.

Now the incredible flat has been feature in the Channel 4 documentary Britain’s Weirdest Council Houses.

He began working on his home shortly after moving into the two bedroom, International Way flat.

Mr Reeman, who has no professional qualifications in designing, said: "My wife had been living in it for a few years already and it was nothing special.

"To be honest, there was just a copper pebble dash wallpaper everywhere which was just awful, so I started panelling the walls and it all started from there.

"I don't use any particular kind of wood, just anything that I can get my hands on and I do sometimes have to buy it.

"It's just something that I have picked up as I've gone along, and it's just a talent that you're born with.

"I love all kinds of art, and I enjoy everything from drawing, sculpting and designing things."

The Channel 4 documentary explores other council houses in the UK that have been dramatically transformed, including replica's of the Sistine Chapel and a baked bean museum.