A MASSIVE container ship is this morning safely back in Southampton port after running aground on Brambles Bank in the Solent.

The 152,000-ton 368m APL Vanda - twice the size of the stricken Hoegh Osaka which ran aground last year - became deliberately stuck last night.

A Maritime and Coastguard Agency spokesman last night said: "A large container ship has executed a controlled grounding this evening at Bramble Bank, in Southampton Water, following a loss of power. 

"Port of Southampton Vessel Traffic Services (VTS) has sent eight tugs to the vessel.

"At this time no damage or pollution has been reported, the Coastguard continue to monitor the situation." 

Brambles Bank is an arrowhead shaped piece of sand that becomes uncovered in low tides.

The incident comes 13 months after the Hoegh Osaka deliberately beached itself on The Brambles after it began listing on departure from Southampton port on January 3 last year.

The 51,000 ton car transporter was the subject of the largest ever maritime rescue which eventually saw her returned to port.

On board were 105 pieces of heavy plant machinery the ship been carrying for three weeks as well as hundreds of cars including Minis and Jaguars.

When docked, it became something of a tourist attraction leading to crowds gathering at Mayflower Park to watch.

Daily Echo:

APL Vanda back in Southampton Container Port this morning