Mums-to-be and new mums and babies will soon be able to sign up to new swimming and other pool-based classes classes at locations throughout Southampton, run by local mum Hannah Bree.

The new classes, entitled Turtle Tots, include aqua-natal yoga classes for pregnant mums, and continue after birth with specialist swimming classes for babies, and then toddlers.

The aqua-natal yoga classes have been developed to provide mums-to-be with an enjoyable and effective way exercising gently within the controlled and supportive environment of water.

The Turtle Tots baby and toddler programme will teach parents to swim with their baby above and below the water, water confidence and key lifesaving skills in a fun and enjoyable with lots of nursery rhymes and singing.

Hannah, who lives in Totton with her husband and their 11-month-old son Archie, said: "From an early age I've loved swimming and being in the water, and since having my son I've realised how important it is to introduce babies and young children to the water as early as possible.

"The pools I will be teaching at are really warm so it's perfect for babies; and teaching babies and toddlers to swim is not only fun, but incredibly rewarding because I'm teaching them an important life skill."

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