ELECTRICAL problems have upset holiday makers at a Hampshire theme park.

Customers at Paultons Park in Ower took to social media to complain that ‘generator problems’ had caused half the park to shut.

Vanessa Grant, from Woolston, had been at the park on a family day out when the power cut happened.

The 26-year-old mum of three said: “Someone got stuck on the Cobra ride, the roller coaster was stuck at the top with someone in it.

“There were two men at the top trying to push the roller coaster down the slope and once it arrived back safe they shut the ride down.

“The log flume ride, the Raging River, was going and a bloke got stuck up the hill but it eventually came back round.

“My children really wanted to go and see the new 4D film but because of the power cut it got cancelled.

“We paid £300 today for a season ticket but were told they are not issuing anything for season ticket holders but are giving single ticket holders another ticket.

“My four-year-old was really disappointed because we said we had to leave and my two-year-old got upset.”

Keira Cooper, eight, and her brother Jake Cooper, 12, from Marchwood, were on the log flume when it became stuck.

Keira said: “We were going up and then once it got flat at the top it got stuck. We both screamed. It was stuck for about 30 seconds. Then it got stuck again after that.

“We went to the carousels but they’d stopped working and we got sent down from the rubber dinghy slide.”

Brother Jake added: “I wanted to go on the magma ride but it was completely shut. We’ve got a season ticket but it runs out in April. It was a good day out but it’s disappointing when there are things you couldn’t go on.”

Shannon Walker, visiting for two days with family from the midlands heard a big bang and saw lots of smoke. She said: “We couldn’t go on the log flume because it was shut. Then we tried to go again but it had broken down again. We’ve been all day yesterday so we’ve seen most of the rides.”

Several customers leaving the park said lights in the shops and cafes were out, and that the cinema was also not in use.

One customer who did not want to be named said: “We’ve paid £60 to come and there were no lights in the cafes at all.”

Another customer from Tidworth who had paid £53 to visit for the day with her daughter and son said: “Some of the rides have gone off – I would say about half the park.

“We have got complimentary tickets but they’re not offering them. We weren’t told about them, I had to ask.”

The park, which is also home to Peppa Pig World, was originally opened in 1983 and has been a popular leisure destination since.

Stephen Lorton at Paultons Park said: “At approximately 2.30pm [Friday] afternoon, we experienced a minor electrical issue that affected only localised areas of the park.

“This resulted in a small number of rides to stop running. All guests exited the stationary rides quickly and safely.”