No apologies for using that exclamation mark – out of favour this paper appreciates – but the announcement in yesterday’s budget speech by George Osborne that he had heard calls to match-fund monies raised locally to create a bespoke children’s A&E unit at Southampton General Hospital is marvellous news.

And while this paper hopes it plays its part in launching the Say Yes George campaign, credit must go to local celebrities James Murray and Sarah Parish of the Murray Parish Trust whose idea it was in the first place to approach the man at Number 11.

Fulsome congratulations also to Winchester MP Steve Brine who made that idea a reality by picking up the ball and running with it.

His work behind the scenes, supported by many of his colleagues in Hampshire – in particular Southampton’s Royston Smith for bringing the PM on board – appears to have clinched the deal.

For those who say the role of local MPs has been weakened they have only to see the results of this campaign.

The hard work is yet to start, of course.

The Murray parish Trust and Southampton Hospitals Charity have to now raise some £2 million for the chancellor to match.

In this they will have our full support.

So thank you George.