A MAN who has showed no remorse for a savage murder of a flatmate in Southampton is starting a life term with a minimum of 22 years in jail.

Adam Dominiak, 41, showed no emotion as he heard the sentence from Judge Keith Cutler at Winchester Crown Court today.

The trial heard that Dominiak, a dairy packer, attacked Szymon Kalita, 32, at his flat in Malmesbury Road, Shirley, in May 5 last year.

They had been returning from a 48-hour house party in Heynsham Road involving binge drinking vodka and beer.

In a motiveless assault he struck Mr Kalita with a hammer, knife, screwdriver and his feet in a sustained attack and then left him to die slowly while he sat in his garden Googling how to clean up blood.

Mr Kalita had at least 70 separate injuries and died of broken ribs which punctured his lungs.

It was seven hours before the emergency services were alerted and arrived but too late to save Mr Kalita.

Sentencing, the judge said: "That assault was a an unlawful and brutal one. You inflicted appalling injuries upon a defenceless victim.

"The neighbours heard some of the attack.

"They heard the aggression in your voice and also the sounds of your victim in pain screaming as he received the injuries.

"It was a prolonged and savage assault.

"It lasted at least 15 minutes. Perhaps you were enjoying inflicting pain.

"Your actions border on being described as sadistic. You left him to die slowly over the next seven hours," the judge added.

At the end of the sentence Dominiak ignored his interpreter who has helped him over the 13-day trial and walked out of the dock to the cells.

Anthony Berry QC, in a brief mitigation, said: "He (Dominiak) appears to get on perfectly satisfactorily with everybody.

"A large number of friends and neighbours spoke well of him, his landlord said he was never any trouble at all.

"There is evidence to suggest he is not a wicked man and that should be taken into account."

Dominiak has been held on remand for 330 days and this will be taken from his sentence, meaning the earliest he can apply for parole is 2037.

He was convicted on unanimous verdict by a jury on Thursday after deliberating for just two and half hours.

Both murderer and victim were Polish nationals but the court heard that the Crown Prosecution Service had been hampered by a lack of co-operation with the authorities there.

Dominiak is believed to have served a prison sentence for armed robbery in Poland but that could not be confirmed.