TWO Southampton men are hoping to smash British and world records – in log lifting.

Strongmen Aaron Page and his coach Tom Hibbert are both aiming to break records in the event later this year, which sees the men lifting a massive log-shaped weight over their heads from the floor.

Both men are competing in strongman contests later this year.

Aaron, 26, is hoping to heave a more than 33st (211kg) log over his head – the current British log record – at the European log Championships in July.

The strength and conditioning instructor at the Winning Health Solutions gym said: “I had been playing rugby but started strongman training in 2012. It is my passion, I just love it, I get excited when I wake up wanting to train, it is my fix.

“Doing strongman has changed a lot in my life – my career, my training, my goals – and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

“Most importantly, my little boy looks up to me and is inspired by me, and that is what makes me do this.”

Ahead of the European Log Championship, Aaron is set to compete in the qualifiers for England Strongest Man in June, Strongman Champions League, Holland in June, and Strongman Champions League, England in July.

Tom, 30, already holds the title of England’s Strongest Man in the under 90kg class, and hopes to beat the world record for this weight category by lifting a more than 26st (166kg) log at UK’s Strongest Man contest.

A personal trainer and owner of the Winning Health Solutions gym, said: “It’s been a record I’ve had my eye on for a while and there are multiple opportunities to attempt it this year. so it seems now is the time!

“Although the main aim is to win the first ever/inaugural World’s Strongest Man u90kg this year, this will be a great start and a bonus.

“When I opened the gym in Southampton I got into strongman training. I wasn’t playing football at the time and I am quite competitive and I liked the competitive side of it.”

Tom will compete in UK’s Strongest Man on July 31.