HUNDREDS of people have been sharing a story about Johnny Depp's love for Southampton today - but all is not what it seems.

An article shared around on social media claims to be about the Hollywood star being impressed with the kindness of Sotonians.

In an interview, he is supposed to have said his car suffered a flat tyre heading out of the city, only for three cars to pull over and offer assistance.

However, the website openly admits that all of its stories are "pure fantasy" or satire.

Of course, that does not mean plenty of people in Southampton would not be willing to help someone - Hollywood star or not - with a flat tyre.

There is also no reason to think Johnny would not enjoy a tour of the Old Town Walls and a bite to eat in Guildhall Square, before a stroll along Weston Shore.

The star of Pirates of the Caribbean does have links with Hampshire, however.

He has long been rumoured to have a property in the New Forest, and in 2013 popped into a pub in Lymington.

He is currently in the news for having filmed an apology to Australians for taking his pet dogs into the country without proper clearance.