AN ASTON Martin driver who collided with a family of three as they crossed a road said the crash had “ruined his life”, a court has heard.

Kyle Lloyd, of Gosport Street in Lymington, admitted to jurors that he had driven like an “idiot” after leaving Brockenhurst train station on Saturday, September 27, 2014.

However, the 30-year-old said he had slowed his speed to around 40mph miles per hour in the time before the collision, which took place near the Setleyridge Vineyard.

Peter Mead, Elizabeth Hutchings and their daughter, Saffron Mead, 14, were seriously injured as they attempted to cross the A337.

During his trial at Bournemouth Crown Court, Lloyd admitted that he “drove off very quickly”.

“I drove off like an idiot unfortunately,” he said. “[The car] had a noisy engine and I was accelerating away like an idiot.”

Jurors have already heard evidence from witnesses for the prosecution in relation to Lloyd’s speed as he left the station.

Defence counsel Mark Ruffell asked: “You go off at 70-something miles per hour for some period of time –- do you accept that?”

The defendant replied: “I don’t know the exact speed, but yeah, I was speeding.”

However, Lloyd said that after taking a corner too quickly, he brought his speed down to around the limit on the stretch.

“[I thought] ‘I’m going way too fast’,” he said.

Lloyd said the collision took place after he “glanced” in his wing mirror at a car travelling in the opposite direction.

The family were in “the middle” of the road, and he attempted to swerve around them as he had no time to brake, he said.

“As I’ve gone to drive around them, the two ladies [Saffron and Ms Hutchings] sped up,” he said.

He attempted to turn the car again but then struck Mr Mead, who was following slightly behind, the defendant said.

Expert witnesses claim that Lloyd travelled the 1,336 metres between the train station and the site of the crash in 47 seconds, while investigators who drove the stretch while observing speed limits of 30 and 40mph took approximately 85 seconds, it is alleged.

The court had previously heard how heard how Mr Mead sustained a fractured lower leg and cuts and bruises as a result of the crash.

He was flown to Southampton General Hospital by air ambulance after being resuscitated by paramedics.

Ms Hutchings sustained two broken thigh bones and a broken ankle and Saffron sustained a fractured jaw and injuries to her teeth.

The defendant denies three counts of causing serious injury by dangerous driving and the trial continues.