IT IS a meat lover’s dream drink.

Bosses at Southampton’s Dancing Man Brewery have come up with a stout made with pig’s blood.

It will be served at their second Pig and Beer Feast tomorrow.

Head brewer Aidan Lavin, 36, from Woolston, told the Daily Echo the inspiration for the drink was the pig-themed feast.

The ingredients of this porcine drink are malt, oats, barley, East Kent Goldings hops, water, yeast, muscovado sugar, spices and pig’s blood.

“The pig’s blood comes in a powdered freeze-dried sterile form from our butchers, Uptons. We rehydrate it and add it to the casks,” Aidan said.

So what does it taste like?

“We’ve done several trials and iIt's basically a black pudding stout.” Aidan said. “ The flavour has reminiscences of a good-quality black pudding, a savoury meaty flavour, with rich depths of English berries and it has an almost tobacco aroma.”

He added that it is a heady brew at 6.3 per cent alcohol content.

Tickets for the Pig and Beer Feast cost £40 for a four-course meal with four beers including the Pigs Blood Stout, which accompanies the main course of glazed pork belly, red Jerusalem artichoke and mushrooms. Buy tickets atTickets are available from The Dancing Man at Town Quay, Uptons Butchers in Bassett and Bitter Virtue off licence, Cambridge Road.