The wealth of Hampshire's richest people has been revealed in the latest Sunday Times Rich List.

Five billionaires and at least fourteen multi-millionaires have Hampshire connections.

Hampshire’s top earners range from the Chemicals billionaire Jim Ratcliffe to the musical impresario Lord Lloyd Webber.

Here are the Hampshire representatives on the Rich List:

Billionaire brothers, Ian and Richard Livingstone made their fortune from property.

Their joint wealth is £3.545bn and has increased by £545m since last year. They are 26 on the Rich Listup from 2015's placing of 31.

Between them, Richard, 51, and Ian, 53, have 3.5m sq ft of property developments planned for London.

They own Chewton Glen hotel in the New Forest and hold the hotel lease at Cliveden, in Berkshire, the former home of the Astor family, made famous by the Profumo scandal.

Jim Ratcliffe, 63, is the chairman and chief executive officer of the Ineos chemicals group.

His wealth is valued at £3.2bn (up £700m from 2015). He is number 30 on the Sunday Times Rich List; last year he was placed 40th.

He plans to invest £640m in fracking for shale gas in the UK. His Ineos facility at Grangemouth will be powered by US shale gas for 15 years, after which it aims to be self-sufficient in Britain.

Ineos had 2014 sales of £18bn, generating profits of £1.7bn. Joint ventures take revenue to £35bn.

He is currently making a name as a New Forest hotelier.

He owns the Lime Wood Group and also has developed a separate hotel chain, Pig, including Brockenhurst's Pig in the Forest and The Pig in the Wall in Southampton.

George von Opel, is the director of the London-based wind turbine investment company GVO Wind.

He also owns Hansa, a Swiss based company with £1.4bn assets. He is the great-grandson of German car brand founder Adam Opel. He is number 75 on the Rich List, the same position as last year.

He made his wealth in finance and property. Some of his assets include a Hampshire estate.

His wealth is set at £1.4bn. Since last year it has increased by £100m.Martin Moller, is the chairman and founder of Nordic Aviation Capital (NAC) He is worth £1.16bn and is a new entry on the Rich List, at 94th.

NAC has a fleet of more than 275 aircraft that it leases to regional operators in 30 countries. It has just acquired Jetscape in America.

Hampshire-based Moller, 51, founded NAC in 1990 in Skive in his native Denmark and last year sold half the £2.3bn operation.

Composer Lord Andrew Lloyd-Webber, has a fortune of £715m, up £65m from last year. He is at 162.

He has created 13 musicals, including Phantom of the Opera, which has been seen by 140m people and took £4.1bn at the box office.

Lord Lloyd-Webber lives on the Sydmonton Court Estate, near Basingstoke.

Tom Persson, 30, is the son of Stefan Persson, the Swedish billionaire who owns a 780-acre estate in Wiltshire together with the village of Linkenholt in Hampshire.

His wealth of £672m (up £48m) places him at 178 on the Rich List.

The family wealth derives from the fashion retailer Hennes & Mauritz - better known as H&M.

London-based Persson, is a recent graduate of the Met Film School in Ealing and tops the Sunday Times Young Rich List.

Andy Currie, 60, is a director of Ineos, the chemicals group run by Jim Ratcliffe.

His wealth is valued at £650m (up £150m from last year), thanks to a 20 per cent stake in Ineos Capital, which controls the chemical firm.

He is 182 on the Rich List.

Clinton, Spencer and John McCarthy, are father and sons in the construction industry.

Their joint wealth is £550m, up £210m from last year.

Hampshire-based Churchill Retirement Living is run by brothers Clinton, 50, and Spencer, 51. It made a record £38.7m profit on £142.7m sales in 2014-15.

Their father, John, 76, set up McCarthy & Stone and later sold his stake for £74.4m. That business is now worth £500m.

The family business is 210 on the Rich List.

Michael Cohen, 44, made his fortune from hedge funds. His fortune is valued at £335m.

American-born Cohen, made £400m from 2006 to 2012 running the London arm of $35bn Och-Ziff.

A British citizen, he has a 930-acre Hampshire estate that once belonged to the Duke of Wellington.

He is 326th on the Rich List.

Mike Clare, is the founder of Dreams the bedding retailer. His fortune is valued at £260m.

Buckinghamshire-born Clare sold Dreams for £222m in 2008.

His latest vision is No Man’s Fort, a 23-room hotel in the Solent.

Clare, 61, owns £95m of properties. An investment in yachtmaker Sunseeker paid off when it was sold to a Chinese billionaire in 2013 for £320m.

His is 403rd on the Rich List.

Arthur Landon, is a film-maker and owns Newtide Films and Nanny Films His fortune is valued at £200m and he is joint 515th on the Rich List.

Landon, 34, inherited his wealth from his late father, Brigadier Tim Landon, who once owned a £30m farming operation in Hampshire.

His father Tim, who died in 2007, played a key role in the 1970 coup which deposed the then autocratic Sultan of Oman and installed his son Sultan Qaboos on the throne.

He was rewarded handsomely and his assets included yachts and lavish homes. He owned Faccombe Estates, a Hampshire based farming operation.

Trifon Natsis, is the Hampshire resident who co-founded one of Europe’s top hedge fund companies, Brevan Howard. The company has $23.7bn under its management.

His wealth is valued at £200m. He is 515th on the Rich List.

Tim Parker, made his fortune from investment. His wealth is £185m (down £15m from last year). Parker, 60, revived the fortunes of the AA, Kwik-Fit and Clarks shoes.

He floated luggage group Samsonite in Hong Kong, selling £31m of shares and retaining a £113m stake.

A Hampshire resident, he chairs the Post Office and National Trust.

He is 564 on the Rich List.

Sir Euan Anstruther-Gough-Calthorpe and family made their money from property. Their wealth is valued at £175m.

The Calthorpe estate in Edgbaston is undergoing a £350m redevelopment it was inherited by Sir Anstruther-Gough-Calthorpe, 49.

He lives in Hampshire, where the family owns 4,000 acres.

He also has interests in America, the Gulf and Europe The family are 598th on the Rich List.

Jeff Smith, made his money from engineering and property.

His wealth is valued at £154m (up £15m from last year) Smith, 70, chairs Southampton’s AIM Group, which makes aircraft interiors.

He is a racehorse owner and breeder, chairs Salisbury racecourse and is a Jockey Club steward. He owns property company Proudreed with Caspar Macdonald-Hall which had £159m net assets in 2014.

He is 721st on the Rich List.

Darren Ridge, made his wealth in Telecoms. He is valued at £140m. He is a new entry on the Rich List at 734.

He runs OneCom, a Hampshire-based communications business that recently won a £500m order from Vodafone.

In 2014 OneCom profits hit £17.7m. It is worth £170m and Mr Ridge, 53, has an 80% stake.

John Partridge and family made their wealth from marine services. They are valued at £130m and are 766 on the Rich List.

Partridge, 76, and his family have 96 per cent of Sonardyne, a navigation and communications company based in Hampshire.

Sir Simon Robertson made his fortune in finance. He is deputy chairman of HSBC and had a £50m stake in Goldman Sachs.

His wealth is valued at £110m (down £10m on last year). He is 885 on the Rich List.

The Hampshire-born Old Etonian, 75, left Goldman Sachs in 2005 and set up a banking advisory operation, Simon Robertson Associates.

Chris Phillips made his fortune from internet based business and property. He is number 9 on the Young Rich List.

His wealth is valued at £70m (up £25m since last year).

Hampshire-based Phillips, 30, created and sold his first million-pound business, Dot5Hosting, while still in his teens.

His Just Develop It had net assets of £30m in 2014/15.

He has diversified into property and leisure, with restaurants, a country club and a nightclub.

Hampshire is also home to one of Ireland’s richest men.

Finally, Finian O’Sullivan, made his fortune in the oil industry. He is 171st on the Irish Rich List and is worth £60m.

Hampshire-based O’Sullivan, 61, made £67m from the sale of Burren Energy, which he founded.