A MAN has died after a chemical drama last night.

Two paramedics, a family and a man were transported to hospital following the hazardous chemical incident.

Emergency services had been dealing with a chemical incident last night which led to police sealing off a road and warning the public to avoid the area.

The police have now reopened the road more than 24 hours later and said they are preparing a file for the coroner.

A man in his 20s has been confirmed as having died at the scene. Police say they are not treating the death as suspicious.

One person was treated at the scene in St Mary’s Road in Cowes on the Isle of Wight, while a family were transported to St Mary’s Hospital.

Two medics who were at the scene also had to be rushed to hospital but have since been discharged.

Hampshire police closed off the road around 7pm last night and ambulance crews had to call for multiple vehicles to attend due to the severity of the situation.

In a statment, Hampshire police said: "Police have now re-opened St Mary's Road in Cowes, which was partly closed last night to allow Isle of Wight Fire and Rescue Service to manage a hazardous chemical incident.

"Officers have left the scene.

"The death of a man in his 20s at the house in St Mary's Road is not being treated as suspicious.

"Police are preparing a file on behalf of the coroner."

The man's next of kin has have been informed.

A spokesman for Isle of Wight NHS Trust said: “The Island’s Ambulance Service was alerted to the incident at 6.41pm.

“The Ambulance Service initially despatched one emergency vehicle. This was followed by a second vehicle and then a senior officer (referred to as ‘Bronze’) attended in a car. A fourth vehicle was also subsequently sent.

“One individual was initially treated at the scene. The family living at the property were conveyed to St. Mary’s Hospital, Newport for checks and are being discharged.

“The two Ambulance Service crew who attended the scene initially were also conveyed to hospital. They too are being discharged following treatment.”

The cause of the incident is being investigated but one line of inquiry is that the event was the result of a chemical suicide bid.

A specialist vehicle from Winchester Fire station was also deployed to assist with the chemical incident.