A SOUTHAMPTON daredevil has scaled one of the city's most recognisable buildings.

Ally Law, 19, has become infamous in Southampton for filming himself climbing on dangerously high structures. 

In his latest escapade, Mr Law can be seen climbing onto the roof of West Quay and running across the top, a place usually reserved for workers.

Mr Law, from Sholing, can be seen next to the West Quay sign on the roof of the building as well as clinging onto the John Lewis logo

All through the clip, which has been viewed thousands of times, there is no safety protections stopping Mr Law from plummeting to the ground below.

Mr Law said: "The climb starts off from behind the shops and then there are a number of wall runs, drain pipes, some bars and ladders that are climbable to reach the top. 

"Most of the ladders are blocked off but not well enough which makes it a good challenge. 

"The security is usually really good up there, I've been caught attempting it before but this time I done it on a Sunday at 5.45am which allowed me to get up and down without being seen."

Mr Law has become known for filming his high risk urban exploring in Southampton and posting the footage to his Facebook and YouTube accounts.

He first came to the public's attention for his dangerous stunts when he scaled the 14-storey-tall Dumbleton Towers in Thornhill again with no safety equipment.

Most recently he managed to climb his way into the abandoned Bargate Centre and explore the empty shops.

He also accidentally filmed himself when he talked to man who was stood on the edge of Itchen Bridge and stayed with the man until emergency services arrived.

Every time Mr Law attempts one of his dangerous stunts he had been severely criticised by authorities.

John Noon, a Southampton City Councillor for the Bargate ward, said: "I think this is irresponsible and it shows a lack of respect for other people as it puts other people at risk.

"I think the police and West Quay should consider prosecuting him for trespassing.

"There are more legitimate ways to do climbing, he could join a club and do it with the support of other people but unless something is done he is going to have a serious accident."

A spokesperson for West Quay: "We are aware of the YouTube video which emerged showing a young male free running on the WestQuay roof. 

"We would like to remind the public that it is extremely dangerous and we do not allow members of the public on the roof."