A LEADING Hampshire beauty clinic has been hailed as one of the best in the country for administering a specialist anti-ageing technique.

Firvale Clinic in Chilworth offers a range of high-tech cosmetic and treatments for both women and men.

Now it has been voted as one of the top performing clinics in the country after scooping a gong at a prestigious industry awards ceremony.

The company was awarded a Silhouette Soft Star Award for their use of non-surgical anti-ageing treatment Silhouette Soft.

The Expert Event run by Sinclair Pharma and held at the Royal Society of Medicine and champions top performing practitioners by giving them recognition as Silhouette Soft Clinics of Excellence.

The anti-ageing treatment involves using threads of polylactic acid, dotted with minute cones, are threaded beneath the surface of the skin to lift sagging facial tissue and restore youthful contours by stimulating the body’s natural collagen production.

The doctor-only treatment - which involves clinicians passing a rigorous training programme - takes up to an hour to administer on patients andis used to target the mid face area, cheeks, brow, and notoriously hard to tackle jowls and neck.

Developers claim it creates firmer skin without the tell-tale of other aesthetic treatments such as a frozen face and puffy lips.

Firvale clinical director Dr Carolyn Berry said: "This award is incredibly important to me. I have been passionate about Silhouette Soft from day one. I have carefully honed my techniques to achieve outstanding results and it is a huge compliment to be recognised by Sinclair as an expert."

After the attending the awards on Thursday, April 28, Sinclair Pharma’s CEO Chris Spooner said: “Silhouette Soft is unique among anti-ageing products as the only injectable product with a skin lifting claim. In introducing our Star awards for leading UK practitioners, we recognise the vital contribution made by individual physicians and clinics in partnering with us to create a highly effective and safe treatment, with very high patient satisfaction rates.”