TWO Hampshire schools were evacuated after 'bomb threats' earlier today.

Emsworth Primary School and Whiteley Primary School were reportedly evacuated as part of hoax threats across the country.

Police were called at about 10am this morning after concerns were raised by the schools.

Whiteley headteacher Lesley Pennington wrote to parents after the incident.

She said: “Earlier this morning, the school was subject to a bomb threat which the police have assured us is a hoax - another school in Havant also received a similar call. As a precaution, all children were evacuated from the building whilst the police came to sweep and check the school.

“Due to the length of time this took, our youngest pupils in Year 1 walked to the Solent Hotel for a short time to use the facilities and have a drink whilst our older pupils played at the far end of the all-weather pitch.

“The police have reassured us that it is now safe to re-enter the building and the YR/1 have returned to school and we are in communications with the county emergency planning team.

“We understand that you may be concerned, but rest assured, our emergency planning procedures worked effectively and the children were fantastic with their behaviour and attitude.”

Hampshire Police are now investigating.

A forcespokesman said: “There was a bomb threat call made to Whiteley Primary School at around 10 o’clock this morning.

“The school was evacuated and then a search was completed. Nothing was found and children were back in class by around 11.30am.”

The call also caused a disruption to hot dinners which were served later than usual.

A statement from Emsworth Primary School, near Portsmouth, said: "There has been a security incident at Emsworth Primary School today.

"All children are safe and are at Glenwood School receiving refreshments.

"The police are on the school site and we expect to be allowed back in within the hour.

"Please do not contact the school as only the police are in the premises."

More to follow