CELEBRATIONS were underway when the Outer Avenue Residents Association planted their 50th cherry tree.

The Association started to plant cherry trees in the Gordon Avenue area of Portswood in 2012,with the aim of making the area 'a bit greener'.

Residents who join the scheme can pay to have a tree planted in return for the payment of the tree by the Association.

The joyful sound of the accordion filled the air whilst the thirty attendees enjoyed a glass of fizz and shared stories of the scheme.

Renowned Plantsman and regular on Gardener's World, Roy Lancaster, planted the tree.

Roy said: "Trees bring people together, they give us places to hide, we gather beneath them, they are a symbol of life and literally give us a reason to look up."

Singing teacher and Greening Group founder, Maggie O'Connor played the accordion during the event.

Maggie said: “I felt that the accordion was just what the event needed. I played ‘Tulips from Amsterdam’ , a lovely spring song.

"I live just next door to the 50th tree, it’s just about to burst into blossom!”

The Association is a neighbourhood organisation that works to bring people together.

There are currently 100 members in the group and eight of those members run the Greening Group.

Students, families and private rentals have joined in with the scheme over the past four years.

Association member, Ruth Kibble, said: "We have a lot of students around the area and always try and involve them in what we do.

"Even though they are just here for a year or so, we want them to feel like this is their home and their community too."

The blossoming cherry trees have tags on so people know that they have been planted by the Association.

Cherry Trees will continue to be planted by the Greening Group in the future.

The Outer Avenue Residents Association welcomes any residents of the area to join for free, visit: www.outeravenueresidents.co.uk.