A HAMPSHIRE school become the latest educational establishment to receive a hoax bomb threat.

The 1,500-pupil Ringwood School was evacuated after a sinister call was received by one of the receptionists just after 10.30am yesterday.

All the pupils have now returned to their classrooms. 

As reported by the Daily Echo threatening calls were made across the country on Monday, throwing schools including Whiteley Primary School and Emsworth School into chaos.

In a message to parents the school said: "This morning we received a bomb alert. As many of you will be aware schools across the country received a similar alert yesterday.

"We have taken advice from the police and students are now back in school.

"The alert caused minimal disruption to the school day.

"All students sitting examinations are receiving their full entitlement of time.

"Please be reassured your children are safe in school."

The school is not revealing anything about the call, including the gender of the caller or what was said.

Hampshire County Council said it was not aware of any other schools in the county receiving hoax bomb calls.

Yesterday at least 26 schools across the UK received calls and one of the schools said they received "repeated" calls warning there was a bomb on site and that "the shrapnel will take children's heads off".