The Isle of Wight Festival 2016 is well underway, and here's what some of the locals have to say about it:

Ryan Light, 20, a chef from Lymington, said: "I'm really excited about Busted, that's my childhood and they are the ultimate band.

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"I was in year four when I stated listening to them and I know all the words to every song."

Jane Blatch, 50, a holistic therapist and gardener from Hordle, said: "I am looking forward to Stereophinics, because I haven't seen them play and I think they will be really good live and play their number ones."

Pete Ledger, 60, a housing officer from North London, said: "I am looking forward to seeing the Who, I have been to see them before.

"I also can't wait for Sterophonics and I the atmosphere of the festival is great."

Sharon Dicker, 49, a charity worker for NYAS, from Newport is at the festival with her family, and said: "We would like to seen Queen and Sterophonics and the boys like spending all our money. "It is a good atmosphere here and it is quite family friendly, it is a good time here."