Speaking to Absolute Radio’s Pete Donaldson backstage at the Isle of Wight Festival the Blossoms revealed that they're gunning for a duet with a little known Swedish band by the name of ABBA.

As self-professed super fans of Stone Roses, the guys are preparing to realise their dream as they get set to support Ian Brown and co at their Eithad Stadium gig on Wednesday but the guys have also firmly got ABBA in their sights. They’ve already been seen covering The Winner Takes It All and are now hoping for a duet at the Glastonbury festival. Front man Tom Ogden explained “Just moving on from the Stone Roses and going back to Abba, we’ve actually emailed Agnetha Fältskog, to see if we can do a duet with her at Glastonbury. Whether it’ll come off or not, I don’t know. Our manager would probably say – ‘Don’t tell anyone this.’ Tom went on to talk about the Eithad stadium gig with the Stone Roses, a double dream come true as the boys support Manchester City.

“Well, it’s surreal. Me and Joe are City fans as well, so to support one of your favourite bands in your team’s stadium is like a dream come true. I’ll probably cry.”

“We met Ian Brown, and he was like – ‘We’re doing the Etihad gigs, and we want you on.’ But you still don’t let yourself believe too much until our manager rings us and says – ‘Right, don’t do anything on the 15th.”

“When it went on the Stone Roses Twitter, it was like – ‘Right, we’re doing it.’ That’s like when we fully knew. It’s become real.”