POKEMON mania has swept Hampshire, with hundreds of gamers scouring the streets for the best creatures.

New game Pokemon Go has become a global sensation, with millions of users all over the world getting together to hunt the virtual monsters.

They have been placed at coordinates around Southampton and other towns, with players using a smartphone app to track them down.

Users 'catch' the digital creatures and train them in battle, following the style of the hit 1990s videogames and TV show.

Hundreds have joined online groups in Hampshire to share tips for finding the best and most exotic Pokemon.

But it's not all fun and games. Reece Bridger reported that he saw a fellow player run into a lamp post whilst "sprinting around" Queen's Park, attempted to catch a Pokemon.

"Worst part was... I'd just caught it," he said.

The game was released officially in the UK on Thursday, but many fans effectively hacked their phones to play it earlier.

We want to hear about your Pokemon adventures in Hampshire. Found a great spot for catching?

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