HE is the celebrity cat who has melted the hearts of the British public amid recent political storms.

Larry the Cat has been ever present in Downing Street through the post-Brexit fallout, the dramatic leadership battle and even received Parliamentary plaudits from Prime Minister David Cameron in his final speech.

Now the famous feline has received a heartfelt tribute from one of his biggest fans - an animal lover from Hampshire.

Pensioner Hazel Ross stunned officials when she arranged for the delivery of flowers to Number 10 as a gift to the renowned moggy.

The special delivery came as the country was set to meet new Prime Minister Theresa May who is today waking up to tackle her first day in power.

The present - which initially sparked security fears - came just hours after Mr Cameron had expressed his "love" for the Larry in his closing speech in the Commons and was pictured with the brown and white Tabby lying in his lap.

Larry is officially known as the chief mouser and has caught the eyes of millions after being regularly captured on camera in and around the famous abode - where he will continue to reside under the new leader.

Mrs Ross, from Warsash, told the Echo: "I've loved watching him sitting there as all the important people pass him and always wonder what he is thinking. I am a cat lover and I thought he needs to be recognised for the job he does."

The £55 mixed bouquet - which includes pink roses, white peonies with hydrangeas and shamrocks - was initially refused by security guards, but was eventually re-delivered after officials were comfortable it was a genuine gift.

The 77-year-old's accompanying message read: "Larry, hoping that you will like your new visitors. Love Hazel xx"

She told the Echo she wished Mrs May - who is known for her famous kitten heels - "all the best" in her new role.

A Downing Street spokesman later said: "Larry is much loved by everybody at Number 10. We’re sure he will be delighted by this kind gesture.”

Mrs Ross had requested the present at Sheila Hurst florist in Park Gate.

Owner Marcel Kralt, who organised for it to be delivered by London florist Patricia's, said: "I couldn't believe it. It is one of our most unusual requests. But everybody has things they love and some love animals very much."

Mrs Ross and her husband Roderick previously hit the headlines when they donated £2,000 towards an Echo appeal to hunt down the owners who abandoned nine poodle crosses on the outskirts of Winchester with filthy coats of fur gluing their eyes together and one with a curved spine.

Larry, who was re-homed from Battersea Dogs and Cats Home in 2011, was said to have a ''strong predatory drive'' that suggested he would be well-suited to the task of rat catching.

Now entrusted with the rat-catching portfolio, he was the first cat to hold the appointment since stalwart ratter Humphrey was retired in 1997.

Humphrey was succeeded for a short period by Sybil, the pet of then chancellor Alistair Darling, in 2007 - but the renowned mouser failed to settle and returned to Scotland.

The Foreign Office appointed Palmerston, a moggy, in April to keep pests in Whitehall at bay.