THREE members of staff at a cinema went to hospital to receive checks for carbon monoxide poisoning.

The incident at Cineworld Southampton saw three employees taken to Southampton General Hospital to be checked when a faulty boiler broke down.

Despite the staff members being sent to hospital the building was not evacuated.

A Cineworld spokesperson said: “We can confirm that on August 2 a boiler was taken out of use at our Southampton cinema after it was found to be faulty.

"A gas engineer later attended and confirmed there was no carbon monoxide present. As a precaution, three employees received a medical check-up without the need for treatment.

"We take health and safety extremely seriously and all of our boilers are regularly serviced by external contractors. Engineers have confirmed that there is no health risk.

"However, as a precautionary measure, we are regularly monitoring the situation.

"We will continue to work closely with our external health and safety advisers while repairs to the boiler are underway.

“The members of staff visited the hospital for a check-up but they weren’t admitted and didn’t need treatment.”