A HAMPSHIRE man died after taking heroin and a legal high, an inquest heard.

Clifford Pugh was found dead in his room at the Society of St James’ hostel at Jordan House in Southampton on April 30.

Winchester Coroner’s Court heard how the 42-year-old, who was known as Cliff, suffered from mental health problems and had bipolar disorder.

A regular drug user, he also suffered from heart disease and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

The inquest heard that he was seen by nurse Pamela Campbell from the homeless healthcare team on February 25, who noted that his appearance was consistent with increased use of heroin and a legal high known as spice.

The inquest also heard that on the day before he died he had taken heroin and spice with friends Simon McCann and Laurence Baly Stone at the Jordan House hostel in Millbrook Road East.

Mr Baly Stone fell asleep and Mr McCann left, before Mr Baly Stone woke up to discover his friend’s lifeless body.

He alerted Mr McCann and they called an ambulance crew, but Mr Pugh was pronounced dead at the scene.

Pathologist Eleanor Jaynes said the cause of death was mixed drug use which caused cardio respiratory depression.

A toxicology test by Dr Peter Streete revealed there was evidence of street heroin which was above the therapeutic level.

Other painkillers and medications were found in his body, including non-prescription drugs.

Senior coroner Grahame Short recorded a verdict of drug related death.

He said: “Cliff was a cigarette smoker and had ischemic heart disease, more significant was Cliff’s use of illicit drugs, principally heroin.

“It does seem he had been smoking a substance such as spice but the toxicological evidence is not there to confirm that case because of the problem of chemical analysis.

“It is the case that this was his choice. There is no reason for me to think it was a deliberate overdose.

“Either he injected himself longer than usual or his body could no longer tolerate the amount of heroin he was taking.”