Do you remember your first car? It was probably a battered old Ford or a hand-me-down Corsa.

Not so for Southampton teenager Robert Mfune, the proud owner of one of the UK’s only golden motors - a £130k Bentley wrapped in gold.

As previously reported by the Daily Echo, the 19-year-old Ocean Village youngster went from working shifts in McDonald’s to making millions before he’d even left school.

As tea-boy for binary traders at a finance firm, he started picking up trading tips before setting up his own company, which he says has a turnover of millions of pounds a year and teaches people how to get started in the world of trading stocks and shares.

After buying his £130k Bentley he decided to have it wrapped in gold, but while it was in the garage Robert hit the news after crashing the £54k BMW courtesy car into a wall in December last year.

He has since bought his mum a house and owns property in the UK and his native South Africa, it has been reported.